Europe For Teens Full Itinerary 2019

Europe For Teens Full Itinerary 2019

Europe For Teens Full Itinerary 2019

Our time in France engages the heart, mind and soul. Our adventures allow teens to taste the incredible culinary traditions of Europe while opening their eyes to new languages, cultures, lifestyles, sights, sounds and (of course!) tastes. The itinerary below walks you through the entire experience, though some activities may occur on different days depending on the weather and group preferences. Get ready to taste the adventure!

Taste the Adventure Paris to Gascony 2019*

Day One

Wednesday July 17th.

Arrival to Charles de Gaulle.

Training to our lodgings and settling in. a gentle walk to a neighborhood bistro for lunch and then afterwards a stroll to take in the aroma’s both culinary and cultural!   

Dinner: Local Restaurant


Day Two

Thursday July 18th

Petit Dejeuner. (Coffee, Yogurt, Fruit, and Croissant)

Eiffel Tower.  

Lunchtime Picnique in a Paris Garden.

Walk Or Metro Back To Apartment.

Dinner: Local Restaurant


Day Three

Friday July 19th

Petit Dejeuner. (Coffee, Yogurt, Fruit, And Croissant)

Local Marche. Visit the King’s Palace in St Germaine en Laye

Dinner: Local Restaurant


Day Four 

Saturday July 20th

Train to Agen!

Arrive to Agen!

We’ll pick up our car and drive the Gascon countryside to the deeply enchanting Millhouse in Poudenas. Marie-Claude Gracia, the chef, was a Michelin star chef, often entertained the likes of Tony Blair, the past Prime Minster of England. Her former restaurant kitchen is still a dream for a cook; our cooking class haven for the week.

Dinner: Café Galerie for Za!


Day Five: Experience the hustle and bustle of the Mezin Sunday Market. Long Sunday Lunch. Magic hour hike through the village.

Sunday July 21

Dive into every fruit, vegetable, meat, and cheese the Mezin market has to offer on our morning visit into town. It is difficult not to notice the family-oriented culture that encompasses the Sunday experience. Truly a day of rest, watch time slow after the morning rush to market as shops close and the people begin to share in the family and social elements of life. Enjoy a long Sunday lunch. Our thoughts delve into the art of the cheese plate and a primary focus on fromage. How does extending the meal help us slow down?

After lunch return to the millhouse. During magic hour hike around Chateau Poudenas.

Cooking Class and Dinner:

Kebabs du Maison

Mezin Mint and Zucchini Salad


Day Six: Canoe the Gélise River and prepare a 300-year-old recipe.

Monday July 22

Our morning is early and alive with preparation for the river voyage! The kitchen fills with the busy sandwich making as we pack for a riverside lunch.

After a midday rest back at La Belle’s pool, take part in Gascony village life. The evening is then spent preparing a 300-year-old recipe with Duck Confit. We engage in this Southwestern family tradition and talk about the importance of preserving food and family processes over time. Learn what flavors and texture make a magnifique Fromage and Fruit Board with Accompaniments.

Cooking Class and Dinner:

Salade Frisee Lardon with Crispy Duck Confit & Sesame Dressing

Fromage and Fruit Board with Accompaniments


Day Six: Horseback ride through neighboring fields.

Tuesday July 23

Our path today is one through the Landes forest. After breakfast, we prepare our horses for the ride ahead. We ride through the Gasconne countryside and enjoy the summer morning while it’s still cool!

Lunch in a nearby village restaurant.

When the day’s exploration comes to a close, we wind down with a poolside smelling bee and how aromas impact cultural and gastronomic experiences.

Cooking Class and Dinner:

Grilled Sausages, Charred Fennel Vinaigrette 

Beet, Potatoes And Mache Salade

Desserte –  Chef Choice


Day Seven: Ingredient shopping in Lavardac.

Wednesday July 24

With so many influences in Gascony: Basque and Italian. We celebrate and perfect our Gnocchi technique. Will there be mushrooms, thyme, and tomatoes? What more is there to discover and explore!

Lunch. Market Paella and Escargot.

Cooking Class and Dinner

Wild Mushroom Gnocchi with Gorgonzola

Salade du Jour

Fresh Fruit Tart With Apricot Coriander Glaze


Day Eight

Thursday July 25

After breakfast, you will be presented with your menu of ingredients to find in the Market Scavenger Hunt for tomorrow night’s Last Night Cooking Competition. Bonne chance!

Visit the Auch market and shop for ingredients.

Lunch of gathered market goodies. Vietnamese? Curry? Let’s stretch our wings!

Cooking Class:

Prepare local ethnic food as seen in market. Explore the reach of French food across the world with assorted Asian goodies!

Red Coconut Shrimp Curry

Grilled Aubergine with Spicy Pickles

Melon and Cucumber Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce


Day Seven:

Friday July 26

Morning Cooking Class: make necessary preparations for tonight’s competition.

A gorgeous salad for lunch.

Pool time/down time

Last night cooking in the millhouse!


Day Eight:

Saturday July 27

Breakfast before, or after departure, depending on participant schedules. Head to Agen for the train.

Au Revoir!


*Equal or better substitutions may be made at any time by C’est si Bon! depending on availability and conditions present.