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The Table by Cole McCauley

“The Camino Trail in Spain is incredible.  You spend your days hiking through little villages and gorgeous landscapes.  But the cool part was dinner.  It wasn’t in the big city.  Usually dinner was with other strangers on the trail with you.  We would gather around the table in a village together somewhere and be in community.  Most of the time we didn’t speak their language, but we could always bond over a meal.  That’s what we want to accomplish in America.” – Rich

“We get to see to see the kitchen transform in a couple hours.  In that time, strangers become friends and stories are being made.  That’s what it’s all about,” - Dorette

Kenan Flagler Globe Students making fettucine alfredo!


Cooking with Kids and the Carolina Farm Stewardship 


Teaching Carrboro Cooks at the Carrboro Farmer's Market

Teaching Home Fries at the Durham Farmer's Market

Demos at the Chapel Hill Farmer's Market

Providing a Team Building for teen burn survivors with the NC Jaycee Burn Center.

Gleaning with the Society of St. Andrews, Carolinas. Won't you join us next time? 

Mentoring new chefs at Reality Ministries in Durham, NC.