Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the C'est si Bon! Team

Dorette Snover: Co-Owner, Director, and Executive Chef

Influenced by her French name and the food traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country where she was born and raised, Dorette Snover graduated with degrees in education and culinary arts. She spent years as a private chef, NPR commentator, food stylist, artisanal cheese apprentice, and media escort to cookbook authors.

She opened C’est si Bon!, a cooking school  in Chapel Hill, where she offers to quell curiosities by teaching the mysteries of kitchens and cooking; both here and abroad in France.

Rich Snover (pictured with Lucy, the Golden Retriever): Co-Owner, Sommelier, Beekeeper, Gardener, Taste the Adventure Director, Maintenance and Corporate Specialist

Born in the heart of Pennsylvania, Rich Snover grew up watching his Polish, English and German family make dandelion wine and poppy seed bread. His knowledge of bees, wines, and soil nourishes our team building and other programs. In his spare time, he plants heritage tomatoes, reroots our thornless blackberries, grows shitake mushrooms, nurtures our Meyer lemon, key lime, and fig trees. 

Lucy the Retriever spends her summers retrieving and harvesting watermelon from the C'est si Bon garden and fending off the squirrels in the yard.

Bridgette Walker: Kid Chef Instructor

Bridgette Walker: Kid-Chefs Lead Instructor

Cori Roth: Team Building Facilitator, Kid-Chefs & One-to-One Instructor

Cori Roth grew up in the suburbs north of New York City and had many opportunities for culinary exploration which ignited her passion and curiosity for food and travel. She has traveled the globe extensively and along the way attended cooking classes in such places as Pakistan, Morocco, Sicily and more recently in 2014 assisted Dorette on a trip for adults to Paris and the Southwest of France. Cori will start her third summer as a Kid-Chefs instructor where she will bring her enthusiasm and gastronomical knowledge to the C'est si Bon! kitchen.

Allison Snyder: Team Building Facilitator, Kid-Chefs & One-to-One Instructor

Allison Snyder was raised on a dairy farm in western New York baking began in earnest and never left. Her dessert and pet essays have appeared over the years in The Raleigh News & Observer, The Triangle Dog, and The News of Orange County. She sold her pies to the public at the former Depot in Hillsborough, NC. She is also a guest blogger at Planting Cabbages for C'est si Bon! where she has been on the team since 2011.


Meet our Culinary Travels and Taste the Adventure Team

Erick Snover and Kayla Telles: Kid-Chef Instructors, Taste the Adventure Program Directors and Facilitators, C'est si Bon! Rockies Directors 

Erick was born in Colorado and raised in North Carolina; his first taste of rice was in a hectic dumpling house in Chinatown NYC when he was five months old and from there his kitchen art embraced many tastes. A highly trained executive chef  in Vail, Colorado, he specializes in Japanese kaiseki cuisine. He loves working with the Kid-Chef Program and to travel extensively for 2-3 months a year to experience other cultures and cuisines, including Normandy, Bilbao, Bonaire, Barcelona, Italy, Croatia, Taiwan, and Japan. Whether foraging for porcini or making turkey "five-ways" at Thanksgiving with his brother, Jaryd, he is driven by food, family, travel, and culture but mostly cheese and good bread. His next big leap is opening C'est si Bon! Rockies in CO this coming season. 

Kayla was born in California, with a full on hearty Italian heritage, (and laugh) loves making fettuccine, is an avid hunter, (ask her about that ELK) and can make an amazing hot toddy with whiskey and lemon, adores outdoor enterprises, never tires, and travels enthusiastically. Kayla is our EMT with advanced training and the medical member of our staff who has not only been an instructor at our school but has worked as a soccer coach for teens throughout college, and loves to teach teen programs in the Vail area, where she has also worked in sports medicine. Her medical background gives us all wisdom and comfort. We are thrilled and honored to have her on the team of Taste the Adventure.