Books and Publications and Awards

Books and Publications and Awards

Books and Publications and Awards
March 11, 2019


Out of over 500 manuscripts, City of Ladies - won Anderbo's 2011 No Fee Novel Contest, Mercer Street Books Fiction prize. 

Dorette Snover, "The Eel," in Blink: Flash Fiction Before You Can Bat an Eye.  An excerpt from Dorette's novel, City of Ladies, which maps the powerful, tender and brutal journey of a sixteenth-century bread apprentice.
Dorette Snover, "Styling," in Original Sin: The Seven Deadlies Come Home to Roost.  Depths of gluttony are explored in Dorette's story as we travel with a food stylist and a French film director as they shop at Dean and Deluca in New York City.  Read a review of Original Sin.
Dorette Snover, "Aboyer: The Little Announcer," in Women Behaving Badly, Feisty Flash Fiction Stories.  A tale about a butter-maker in Paris, this story hints at loss and the inability to reclaim the dead.
Dorette Snover, "In the Kitchen," in The Secret to their Success: How 33 Women Made Their Dreams Come True, an anthology of North Carolina women.

Dorette Snover was also featured in Ann Prospero's Cookbook, Chefs of the Triangle: Their Lives, Recipes, and Restaurants
Dorette Snover contributed the sections on Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao to Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia : edited by Ken Albala