Team Building

Team Building

Team Building

Team Building Cooking Classes in Raleigh - Durham

C'est si Bon is the perfect setting to recharge, invigorate and challenge your team. Picture a European style cooking school sitting on three acres, with a wood-fired bread oven, aromatic herb and seasonal vegetable garden. C'est Si Bon has offered cooking classes in the Raleigh - Durham Triangle area for over 20 years.

As we guide them towards delicious results, we are delighted to offer your corporation a fully customizable and unique experience.

Our team’s goal is to use the culinary arts to strengthen your team's skills in:

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • cooperation
  • leadership
  • negotiation


"I've been waiting for my team to get back to me with their comments from our wonderful C'est si Bon Cooking Event, but I guess they're all back into the grind! Besides myself, which you know how perfect I thought everything was!, following is a comment from one of my team members:

'This was one of the best team building activities I have participated in. I don't cook, at all, so I was a little nervous, but it was fun! I also learned about baking and overall it was a great experience.' Thanks again Dorette!"
Our Team is proud to offer four different programs to consider for your Team Event:
  1. The Gourmet Basket - similar to "Chopped" but with a goal to unify the whole team 
  2. Iron Chef Competition - competitive event, team against team
  3. Culinary Collaboration - straight forward challenge of preparing a five star meal
  4. Pasta Aficionado - old world Italian menu with hand-crafted pasta, focaccia, salad and dessert
For each event please allow three hours. Which works best for you? Select day or evening times are available, please call to discuss.  919-942-6550.
Each program allows for 20 minutes of socializing with the chefs over some fun culinary icebreakers. Following this, we orient to the kitchen, include safety tips and outline challenges of the event. Next the group as a whole is divided into teams responsible for a particular course of the meal. The teams then work with basic ingredients to create a four star meal. And then comes the reward for your efforts; sitting at the table in the glass enclosed French style dining room to enjoy the fruits of their labor.
Fees begin at $100/person for the above programs
"Hi Dorette. I got this message from one of our participants and thought you would be interested. Your cooking program continues to be one of the most highly rated parts of the program for the very reasons cited in this article*. It looks like you are part of a growing trend in team building training."


C'est si Bon! Team Building fits into a busy conference schedule—day or evening, a reward for a team’s past efforts. If you are in or near the Raleigh - Durham area and would like to inquire about a cooking class at our facility, please give us a call at 919-942-6550.



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