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Team Building


Team Building and Corporate Events serving Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, Apex and Cary.

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Recent Client Testimonials.

“I’ve been going to Team Buildings for 25 years and the Iron Chef event was by far the most fun one ever! The challenges, facility, and staff created a great atmosphere conducive to having fun with our team. Even the skeptics walked away saying ‘this was great.“

Joe, Sr Director, Cisco

“Our team was made up of emergency room staff, a mixed team of men and women who had very little cooking experience - but C’est si Bon came so highly recommended that we went for it anyway. We had such a great experience, and learned about the culinary arts along the way, too.”

Doris, Event Coordinator, Duke Medical Center.

"Thanks so much for helping me put on a great event! The team was so ecstatic on Thursday afternoon and talked about it with other coworkers at our company offsite on Friday!"

Bennord, Process Development Director, Burt's Bee's.

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For over 25 years, and two generations, C'est si Bon has been offering unique hands-on challenges and opportunities that will help your team harmonize in our kitchen so they can excel in your workplace. Enter C'est si Bon!'s  'French-countryside' setting on three gorgeous acres with a seasonal garden, heritage chickens and a wood-fired oven. 

When you arrive our gourmet kitchen is set for your team to dive in and uncover the challenges of creating a delicious gourmet delight with abundant resources and a ticking clock. During the event pick fresh herbs from our beautiful garden, slide a focaccia into our blazing wood-fired oven to meet the challenge!

Our Team is proud to offer competitive or collaborative programs to consider for your Team Building Adventure:

  • Iron Chef Competition - customized to be mildly or fiercely competitive, team against team
  • The Gourmet Basket - similar to "Chopped" but with a goal to unify the whole team

Fees begin at $135/person for the above programs. For each event please allow three hours. Let’s talk about your goals. Select day or evening times are available. 

All events are customized and perfect for teams of non-cooks as well as those with some culinary expertise. The goal is to help facilitate creativity, communication, taste, and teamwork. 

Please inquire about parking and transportation arrangements for large groups. We have a minimum number of ten participants. 

General Event Overview:

Our Team guides yours with creativity and fun challenges as they move towards incredible results. Each event allows for 20 minutes of socializing with the chefs over some team culinary icebreakers. Following this, we orient to the kitchen, include safety tips and outline challenges of the event. Next the group as a whole is divided into teams responsible for a particular course of the meal. The teams then work with customized ingredients to create a spectacular and deliciously creative five star meal. Each individual team makes a creative presentation to the whole team.

And then comes the reward for your efforts; sitting at the table in our glass enclosed French style dining room to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


C'est si Bon! Team Building fits into any busy conference schedule—day or evening.

A Team Event is a perfect energizing alternate to:

  • a restaurant dinner

  • a standard new team orientation

  • a reward for a completed project.

If you are in or near the Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, Research Triangle Park area and would like to inquire about a customized event at C’est si Bon! please email dorette at or call 919-302-5715 to discuss your team’s needs.

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