Europe for Teens

Europe for Teens

Europe for Teens
Taste the Adventure Teens in Europe


For over 10 years, the C’est Si Bon! Cooking School has led small, intimate teen groups of 6-10 students through a sensory-awakening, out of the box, educational and challenging European taste adventure. You’ll start life-long friendships while learning new travel and culinary skills while searching out the world’s finest foods to make your own. But this is more than cooking. Our fun-filled and powerful curriculum encourages teens to expand their knowledge of international cuisine and culture, while honing conversational language skills, and exploring by foot, bike, and other active means where exactly they have landed. Our mission is to empower the next generation and generations to come with the skills and confidence needed to passionately travel, connect, find and fulfill their life mission and shape the world around them. Join C’est si Bon and Taste the Adventure!



Let France and Spain enchant you with their host of colorful, historic buildings and charming sunflower-filled landscapes. On this two-week European summer adventure for teens, your hands will acquire the culinary sense necessary to shape and craft French and Spanish cuisine while your mind indulges in the rich surrounding culture. There are countless adventures to be had in these new worlds of thought and experience. Explore the French countryside on horseback and bike through the plazas of ancient Spanish cities. Take to European waters by canoeing down French canals and stand-up paddle boarding along San Sebastian beaches. Combine the sensory experience of European cooking and dining with your growing confidence to make your world your own. You'll stir saffron into a fragrant authentic paella bursting with local seafood that you’ll pluck from the famous Bilbao market. Get lost, and found, in the feeling of exploration of culture and all its flavors.


o   Learn Modern French and Basque Dishes That You Can Make at Home

o   Patisserie and Charcuterie Lessons with Local Experts

o   European Market Shopping Adventures

o   Spanish and French Language Immersion

o   Canoeing along Historic Rivers

o   Horseback Riding through Gascony

o   Hiking alongside European Castles

o   Mushroom Gathering in France

o   Bicycle Tours through Lively Bilbao

o   Rustic Picnics in the Basque Country

o   Spanish Pinxos in the Casco Viejo Plaza

o   Surfing and Paddle Boarding near San Sebastian



Our adventurous teen travelers enjoy two weeks in Europe, with one week in the gorgeous rolling hills of Gascony, France and another week in the lively city of Bilbao, Spain. From small country markets and fields of sunflowers and lavender, to bustling tapas restaurants nestled along gorgeous Plazas, our teen adventurers gain a broad and rich understanding of French and Spanish cuisine, culture and life. Teens experience new flavors while they practice language within food market exploration. We integrate a farm-to-table methodology with an emphasis on seasonal offerings, local authenticity, and friendship-building across cultures. Through this experience, teens learn and celebrate the gifts of producing and cooking food in community.

A Day in Gascony, France
In Gascony, you’ll become part of the daily pace of a French village and steep yourself in the culture that brought the Three Musketeers story to life. We’ll start our mornings with lessons in puff pastry making, local market shopping and preparation for afternoon picnics. More active mornings include a horse-back ride through King Henri’s forest, a lesson in the art of fencing, and canoeing down the calm waters of the Ancient Gelise River. In the afternoons, we gather within the small restaurants of local experts and artisans in charcuterie, patisserie, and cheese-making. Each evening, we return to our welcoming 14th-century millhouse to practice our French language skills, relax by the pool, learn delicious French recipes, and gather around the table for warm conversation and reflections on the day.

A Day in Bilbao, Spain
You are sure to have a magical start to the day with a scavenger hunt, a study into mythology’s impact on Spanish architecture, or paddle-boarding within San Sebastian's famous waters. A visit to the famous Guggenheim museum, or an exploration of the largest indoor Bilbao market with guided discussion about Iberico ham and Basque artisan olive oil open our minds to new culinary experiences. As afternoons fall into evening, we’ll bicycle to the best pinxtos cafes, learn how to prepare freshly caught fish, or enter another world alongside Bilbao's plazas and gardens. 

Click the image below to explore the full, mouth-watering itinerary!


Join a small group of 6-10 teens aged 13-17 for our European culinary travel adventures! You’ll meet other teens with passion for culture, cooking and travel. Our lead instructors are Dorette and Rich Snover, the husband-and-wife couple behind the highly applauded C’est Si Bon! Cooking School in North Carolina. Their talented son, Erick Snover joins Kayla Telles as chef guides for our teen travelers. A highly trained executive chef in Vail, Colorado, Erick specializes in Japanese kaiseki cuisine. He loves introducing teens to the world of European cuisine and traveling extensively for 2-3 months a year to experience other cultures and cuisines. Kayla is a talented culinary connoisseur who is passionate about educational and cultural experiences for young people. She is also a licensed EMT with advanced training who loves to teach teen programs in the Vail area, where she has also worked in sports medicine. Her medical background gives us all wisdom and comfort. We are thrilled and honored to have her on the team of Taste the Adventure. 


13 days, 12 nights

Week One:  In Gascony, France, we stay in a restored 14th century French millhouse that was once a Michelin restaurant!
Week Two:  In Bilbao, Spain, we enjoy a modern bed and breakfast.


One Session Available:

Session II: July 5 – 18: Begins in Gascony and ends in Bilbao


$4750/teen/session plus cost of flight + train

Bring a Friend Discount for Taste the Adventure Teens in Europe

Families are required to book their teen traveler’s flights from home to Europe and back. Teens traveling in Session 2 (July 7-18) need to arrive in Paris (CDG) and depart from Bilbao. Group train reservations will be handled by C’est si Bon and families will be required to pay for their traveler’s train costs by June 1st. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for additional information on booking plane travel.

  • At time of registration – 50% deposit due ($2375)
  • May 1st – 50% remaining due ($2375)
  • June 1st – Train travel cost due (estimated $200-$300)


From Bilbao - Brittle with Smoked Paprika and Black Pepper Chocolate

From Gascony - Salade Frisee Lardon with Crispy Duck and Sesame Dressing


We are now accepting applications for Summer 2018 sessions! Contact us to schedule a Skype chat or phone call so we can tell you more about our incredible years leading teen adventure cooking camps through Europe. We would love to answer your questions and learn about your teen's love of travel, cuisine, and adventure!

Call us today to talk with our team: (919) 302-5715! Or click the image below to contact our team and schedule a phone call or Skype chat! You can also register by clicking the "Register Now" image below. We're excited to meet you!





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