North Carolina for Teens

North Carolina for Teens

North Carolina for Teens
Taste the Adventure in North Carolina Summer Cooking Camp for Teens



Take a walk with us through a sprawling 300-acre North Carolina farmstead, where farmers and artisans cultivate nutrient-rich land and engage all the senses. On a seven day stay at the cozy Celebrity Dairy Inn, you’ll find yourself in good company among beekeepers, mead-makers, and chocolatiers along with lively conversation about sustainable agriculture and how to produce award-winning goat cheese. Here, the immersion into farm culture will be made complete as you prepare fresh, farm-sourced ingredients to craft seasonal and wildly flavorful dishes under the masterful guidance of chefs, artisans, and local farmers. The abundance doesn’t have to end with a wide range of cooking techniques and plentiful meals—there will be time to journey into the green space of Siler City and experience the thrill of canoeing down the rushing waters of Haw River. Beginning at the communal farm table and extending to the natural landscapes that surround it, our trip offers the unique opportunity to blend travel experience with culinary skill development.


o   Cooking Classes

o   Canoeing

o   Beekeeping

o   Mead-making

o   Sausage-making

Our small group size allows room to change and customize the day. time of year, weather, availability and interest. A typical day is divided into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Activities—each with their own emphasis.


Within the small, intimate group setting, everyone has the opportunity to prepare breakfast in rotating teams of two. Delicious breakfasts made and eaten together are closely followed by a variety of activities. Any given morning could include the artistic endeavors of mead and sausage-making or a journey down-river with the morning sun. You could find yourself fostering a deeper understanding of your favorite sweet in a chocolatier class or developing new friendships with goats and bees with the added benefit of learning how they keep the farm alive with cheese and honey.


The afternoon is a good time to reconvene around the table with food you’ve made or acquired from a local restaurant. Language practice, aroma guessing games, and free time fill this part of the day. Maybe that means you will be practicing conversational French or Spanish with your group or perhaps this will be time spent reflecting and writing for a blog about your experiences.


Evenings are particularly full with both flavor and learning. A wide breadth of meal-making classes and recipes are offered throughout the week that integrate farm to table methodology and authenticity. Together we learn and celebrate the gifts of producing and cooking food in community.


Teens aged 12-17 are welcome on this culinary travel adventure! You’ll meet other teens with passion for culture, cooking and travel. Our lead instructors are Dorette and Rich Snover, the husband-and-wife couple behind the highly applauded C’est Si Bon! Cooking School in North Carolina. Their talented son, Erick Snover joins Kayla Telles as chef guides for our teen travelers. A highly trained executive chef in Vail, Colorado, Erick specializes in Japanese kaiseki cuisine. He loves introducing teens to the world of European cuisine and traveling extensively for 2-3 months a year to experience other cultures and cuisines. Kayla is a talented culinary conoussieur who is passionate about educational and cultural experiences for young people. She is also a licensed EMT with advanced training who loves to teach teen programs in the Vail area, where she has also worked in sports medicine. Her medical background gives us all wisdom and comfort. We are thrilled and honored to have her on the team of Taste the Adventure. 


6 Nights, 7 Days at the Celebrity Dairy Inn


One Session Available:
June 28 - July 3rd, 2017




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