Saint Germain en-Laye -Europe For Teens Sample Itinerary

Saint Germain en-Laye -Europe For Teens Sample Itinerary



Since 2004, the C’est si Bon! Cooking School has led small, intimate teen groups of 4-6 students through a sensory-awakening, out of the box, educational and challenging European taste adventure. You’ll start life-long friendships while learning new travel and culinary skills while searching out the world’s finest foods to make your own. But this is more than cooking. Our fun-filled and powerful curriculum encourages teens to expand their knowledge of international cuisine and culture, and exploring by foot, bike, and other active means where exactly they have landed. Our mission is to empower the next generation and generations to come with the skills and confidence needed to passionately travel, connect, find and fulfill their life mission and shape the world around them. Join C’est si Bon and Taste the Adventure!

A trip to remember!

Exploring the hidden gems of Paris and Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the unique culture that the city's has to offer. France is known for its artistic heritage, magnificent architecture, and welcoming people, providing the perfect backdrop for your teens educational and personal growth. Whether they're trying out new foods or conversing with the artisans about their craft, they'll come back with newfound confidence and independence. Imagine your teen walking through the bustling streets of Paris, from the sunny outdoor markets bursting with fresh produce to the quaint bistros and cafes tucked away in charming neighborhoods, your teen will taste their way through the city. Not to forget about the evening activities, that can include dinning in locally French owned restaurant and taking their inspiration to create a French inspired family meal under the guidance of our Chef. 

Example Itinerary: 

*Please Note Travel Days are included in the 8 nights and 7 days as it is part of the program in our students learning to travel Planes, Trains, Cars ect*

Day One


train to Saint Germain en-Laye 

settle in at accommodations 


Day two: experience The Central Market at place du Marché-Neuf 

Our morning is early and alive with a French breakfast and preparation for the day.

Mid afternoon - out to the market at place du Marche- Neuf, in the center of town. 


Day three -Gastronomy Tour 

Gastronomy tour - Canal St. Martin - taking a tour of the gems and amazing restaurants! Hours of the best street food. Indulge in the French classic, as well as truffle pizza, French productions of homemade sandwiches, burgers and so much more! 

Day four - Out on the Metro to China town 

We will take the metro to the heart of Paris and on to China town. This suburb of Paris offers a abundance of opportunity to explore the variety of menus and different styles each restaurant offers. Discussing what appeals to you and what you may be looking to try as well. We will enjoy a late day lunch at one of the many restaurant. After we enjoying our meal we will head back to our accommodations for down time before evening activities. 

Day five -The search for artisanal Charcuterie and Fromage

Exploring the covered market. Taking in the first impression this large building encased on each side with stone arches doesn’t look like a food market! We will venture inside to a mix of shops, food markets, with gourmet and specialty food shops. Enjoying  lunch as we journey through the market and all it has to offer. 

Day six Horseback ride through the fields 

On the beginning of our day will start with our traditional French breakfast. Then to get ready for horseback ridding. Venturing out to stables that offers you the opportunity to ride in the idyllic setting of the Rambouillet forest. 

Day Seven - The Grand Market 

Today we will go out to the grand market in the heart of Saint Germain en-Laye. This is a great adventure as it is one of the most popular markets. On this journey we will stop in for any shops or items you may want to bring back with you.  As the markets wraps up we will find a spot to stop and enjoy a long Sunday lunch together. 

Day eight Departure

Breakfast before, or after departure, depending on participant schedules. Head to Paris for the plane.

Au Revoir!

*Equal or better substitutions for any of the above may be made at any time by C’est si Bon and Taste the Adventure! depending on availability and conditions present.