Teen-Chef Alumni Series: Meet Taylor, and Get Pink and Arty in London!

Teen-Chef Alumni Series: Meet Taylor, and Get Pink and Arty in London!

In 2010 Taylor joined in whole-heartedly with our Carolina on My Pate program. Among the itinerary events was shrimp and grit-ing, pizza-making, portrait painting, and Anathoth garden cooking. Even then Taylor had a certain style. I would recognize her sweet smile anywhere!!!

Here's where she is now! 

"Since C’est si Bon, I have graduated from Wake Forest in 2016 with a degree in Art History. I currently work at an auction house in Hillsborough. In September, I am moving to London to attend graduate school and get my masters in Art History. After school, I am hoping to be a museum curator specializing in Renaissance and Baroque art. Cooking and baking in particular, are still a huge part of my life. Although not part of my current career aspirations, I love coming home and being able to cook something delicious." 


Taylor, today, on Lefty Living Life
Taylor, broaches the topic of pink! 

Keep up with Taylor's scene by following her blog posts on Lefty Living Life, including a recent and very special trip to Rome to visit an art exhibition featuring an artist who greatly influenced her thesis!  

"I love hot tea, good books, puppies and kittens, chocolate- who am I kidding...sweets in general, and Netflix. I also have an obsession with pink, high heels, and hats."

Lefty started as a creative outlet for me. It has continued to be that, but has also grown to be much more. I think that style and fashion are a reflection of your personality. I have always been interested in fashion, but that doesn't mean it's always easy for me to find something to wear that shows who I am. 

The name comes from the fact that I am left-handed. Most people don't think about being right-handed or left-handed, but I have always identified very strongly as left-handed. It has become an important part of who I am and now it is an important part of this blog. 

I hope you enjoy my adventures as much as I do. XO"

We do Taylor! And looking back at your entry essay, so many ingredients are already in place. Italy, culture, and cheese for one, or er, three! 

Taylor's essay from 2010

The main benefit of cooking in another culture is learning about the culture that you are cooking in. Cooking is a big part of the culture of an area so when you cook in another culture, you are immersing yourself in the culture and learning about that culture. The cooking of a culture reflects that culture and the people who are a part of that culture and by cooking in it; you become a part of that culture. For example, the people in Italy eat lots of pasta and cheese. 


Taylor and Grace, 2010


If you look at these foods as reflecting the culture, then you could say that the pasta represents the warm weather and the warm natures of the people because pasta is warm. You can say that the cheese shows the diversity because there are lots of different people just like there are lots of different cheeses.


Carolina on My Plate Crew 2010
back row, left to right, Jeremy, Noah, Chloe, Ben, Grace, Taylor, Naomi, Jack, Maxwell, and Megan
front row, left to right, Dorette, Aileen, Emily
foreground: Shadow Snover


Another main benefit of cooking in another culture is that not only do you immerse yourself in a different culture; you are also learning how to cook in a different way. Every culture is different which means that every culture has a different way of cooking. When you cook in another culture, you learn how the people of that culture cook. This helps the chef to learn more about a culture and also learn more about cooking in general.



With Grace and Emily at Anathoth Community Garden

The benefits of cooking in another culture are similar to the benefits of going to another country; you learn about how different people live and in this case cook. Through this experience, you also learn more about yourself because you learn about other people and possibly look inside and see something that you wouldn’t have seen before. 

Taylor shows off her work of art at Miel Bon-Bon in Durham!

We can't wait to see where your art journey takes you next....

"I've included this chocolate cupcake recipe which is one of my favorite desserts and has been something I have loved since I was a kid. My mom got the recipe from her college roommate’s mom who would send these to them in college. They are simple and delicious. My favorite part is the chocolate chips inside. They are an unexpected crunch and add the perfect texture to the inside of the cupcakes." 

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