Write With Me: Getting Ready

Write With Me: Getting Ready

Write With Me: Getting Ready
March 13, 2013

Does this happen to you? Getting ready to write is a lengthy process in and of itself. I approach the time with  both joy and trepidation. Almost as if Richard Parker one of the stars of Life of Pi, in case you didn't see the film, is in my boat. Within a minute of opening up the document of my NIP (novel in progress) I switch over to Blogger to write a post about this curiosity of "getting ready to write not writing." Here are a few ways and  whys of writing today.

1. Not enough time to write again today. There's only an hour till my hair appointment which I sorely need to look good at the upcoming Break Out Novel Intensive in Hood River Oregon. At least when my scenes don't hold hold together I can smile and dazzle them with my hair.

2. Good Lord, I have to test recipes for macaroons and croissants and puff pastry to be sure they are correct for a one to one pastry class next week. Pastry is not something I do every day. Bake or eat.

3. Decide if we will have our next class due to low enrollment.

4. Turn right at Seawell School Road to go back home and send the postcard file from the mainframe to Staples to get more postcards printed and take them around town. I'll stop at the last one and grab a cuppa and write a scene.  Perfect perfect plan.

5. While at home sending the postcard file, I will quickly send out another enticing newsletter to boost enrollment. I didn't quite hit the nail on the head with the last one a few days ago. 12 people untethered themselves from receiving it.

6. Decide that what I really need in order to increase the verisimilitude in the NIP is to make a food film and submit it to a food film festival. Excellent, this is really exciting.

7. Start a meet up group to have people over to discuss. to cook and watch a food film. 1 person signs up.

8. Make flight reservations to Portland.

9. On my way to Staples for postcards ~ stop by Whole Foods and get refills on my B-complex vitamins and COQ-10 - so I can have the mental capacity and stamina to remember all the details I want to put in my scenes. Discuss my supplement choices with the nice health saleslady. Fill out an application to work at Whole Foods.

10. With only 15 minutes left to write, I begin. Damn. I can't read my pages scrawled with handwritten notes and arrows.

11. Just one more thing. it will only take a minute. Complete the income spreadsheet to work on taxes.

12. Realize it's crazy to make a food film of my own. I have no experience. Also crazy to form a group to cook and watch films. It's a time waster.

13. Join a meet up group working on a film. Volunteer to be on the production crew. Now, that is exactly right.

14. 10 minutes left.

15. Down to work. Look at the the time! Going great guns. Words are flowing like the mighty Ganges River.

16. Cancel hair appointment. Really getting somewhere now.

17. Never going to stop.

18. Come visit me at.....(no way, no how!)